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Space Walk

Space Walk

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Space themed set of orthopedic floor playmats for children that will provide a lot of fun time and help proper development of their feet. When your baby starts walking it opens a new area of sensations for them as now they can feel different surfaces with their tiny feet and explore a new world. These mats were developed to stimulate small muscles in children’s feet and avoid flat feet in the future.

Each tile of the playmat has a variety of shapes and forms related to space like planets, spaceships, stars, and even tiny aliens. Kids would be curious to explore them with both feet and hands, developing their small motor skills. Unusual coloring with gold and silver shimmering effects will also add to the fun of working out and playing around them.


    There are 8 tiles with 4 types of surfaces. Each tile is of a different shimmering color and has a size of 10x10” (25x25 cm).

    Puzzle types included:

    • 2 pcs. “Yellow Space” is a mix of “planets” and “stars” of different sizes, to show your little one different sensations they provide if you step on them. It helps to prevent flat feet. Yellow color.
    • 2 pcs. “Blue Planet” has a relief of space ships and a few planets. It helps strengthen muscles and improves blood circulation. Blue color
    • 2 pcs. “Silver Ships” imitate walk on logs, by having long space rockets and stars. Stimulates arch muscles and provides a relaxing effect. Silver color.
    • 2 pcs. “Purple Star” consists of one large round “planet” with different aliens around it. This tile creates interesting tactile sensations when children step on it and contribute to their healthy growth.

    Explore the Space on your feet together with your kids and help them grow stronger and healthier with a “Space Walk” set of foot massage mats. All tiles are soft and can be used from 2 years old.

    The set also includes exercises brochure that can be done on the play mats to massage every little part of your kids feet and be sure that they have enough stimulation for a healthy development.

    These mats don’t take a lot of space and are perfect to use when kids have no opportunity to run barefoot in nature and experience new sensations.

    The Orthopedic floor puzzle mats are one of the best investments in the health and development of your kids.


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