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Moss Foot Massage PlayMat creates interest in systematic physical exercises. The relief surface gives the necessary load on the leg muscles, improves blood circulation in the child's foot.  Your kids would be happy to invent games and play with the sounds of the mats. The set contains an imitation of natural surfaces that simulate a barefoot walking in a forest, only no dirt or stings can happen here… Barefoot walking has been known to provide healing and calming effects for people for a long time and with these toddler playmats, you can experience it while staying home.


    Moss PlayMat Set includes 6 puzzles securely and easily connected into massage mat.

    Types of puzzles included:

    • 3 pcs. “Soft Moss” is a surface with large and small bumps covered with many soft grass-like spikes, reminiscent of a green velvet carpet. It provides various stimulus to feet muscles and helps prevent flat feet.
    • 3 pcs. “Soft Moss, with squeakers”. Inside these beeper puzzles is an element that beeps when pressed, which develops the visual and auditory perception of your child.

    The set also includes exercises brochure which is developed individually, taking into account the sound signals that the mats emit when the feet are correctly placed on them.

    Puzzle Mats do not slip during exercise, are easy to clean and do not require much storage space. The antibacterial additive prevents the spread of bacteria on the surface of products.

    Best works from 3 years old, but also can be used earlier under parents supervision.

    Foot Massage PlayMats are one of the best investments in the health and development of your kids.


    Delivery is FREE on orders over HK$700 anywhere in Hong Kong,
    For orders below HK$700, a HK$50 delivery charge applies.

    We deliver Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.

    SPECIAL OFFER FOR LANTAU RESIDENTS: free delivery for any order within South Lantau Road.

    We are using S.F. Express Courier Service to deliver your purchase to Hong Kong address. Normally, the delivery lead time is about 2-3 working days, except when there is holiday or peak season (like Christmas) or bad weather (which might take more days to delivery).

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